Here for the Banter

Hello! I'm Bonnie.

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, living my best life when I'm elbows deep solving business problems. I am a total brand strategy & psychology nerd, and I love applying those soft and creative talents with cold hard data to create marketing magic.

Work with me

Director of Operations, 100 Celsius

Over at 100 Celsius, we help Shopify brands build their repeat-revenue through world-class subscription & membership strategies, all with the aim to skyrocket profit, MRR, and enterprise value.

Want to chat about what we can do for your brand? Drop me a line or book in with me for a coffee chat!

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Other projects...

In true ADHD fashion, I am a multi-passionate person always excited to unravel the threads of an idea and weave them into something tangible.


Bonnie's Balms?

I'm currently working on a line of tallow skin care products. This has arisen out of a personal need to eliminate all additives and chemicals from my life for health reason, and most of the "crunchy" stuff just didn't cut it. And, I was still struggling with embarrasing ezcema, so I was really motivated to find something that would work. I have a pretty extensive physiology background, so I approached this like any other lab experiment.

So far, I have had outstanding feedback on my face balm, enriched with methylene blue, calendula, tremella and niacin, to name a few. Interesting in being a beta-tester? Send me a dm on insta!

I've also been working out my formula for THE best lip balm, beard oil and natural deoderant. Okay, real talk. The natural deo is the HARDEST because everyone's body chemistry is so different.


The ADHD Planner?

 There are so many resources out there for ADHD'ers, but I've found that there is a pretty big overwhelm that comes along with them. Apparently the average age of diagnosis for women is about 36... and I was no different. Women have unique challenges coping with ADHD due to the way their brains and hormones work. All those daily, weekly, monthly changes affect how the brain's dopamine system functions, on top of the ALREADY overwhelming changes that we experience as we approach peri-menopause.

I've had to learn most things the hard way, but I feel that I have amassed a LOT of resources about coping strategies, as well as I have quite a bit to offer in terms of the bio-hacking and supplements that really make a difference. I'm hoping to compile these into easy to use (for an ADHD'er!) guides and planners for women, particularly those who are self-employed or entrepreneurial, so that it can be a LITTLE less hard.

I'm not particularly active on any social media, but the place where I lurk most often is Instagram. Hope to see you there!