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A networking event for Female Entrepreneurs in the Cowichan Valley

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The inspiration for the Ms. Boss event came about as I was looking to make connections with other women locally who I could share my entrepreneurial journey with. In other words, I was looking for my tribe!

The Cowichan Valley has several incredible business groups, but I couldn't find one that focused on bringing women together to connect and support each other in the everyday challenges [and triumphs!] that women face while growing their businesses.

My hope is that this event can bring female entrepreneurs [and aspiring entrepreneurs] together through a fun and light event, and create a lasting network of relationships that provide encouragement and support as we grow our businesses.



The Ms. Boss event is definitely fun and light - like a really good cocktail party with great music and a ton of your future best gal pals waiting to meet you! It's a casual environment - perfect to let your guard down and "un-do that top button". No elevator pitches here! The focus is building in-real-life relationships with other women who share a similar journey to your own as an entrepreneur. And, let's be honest: this is the perfect reason to have a night out! 

We're going to have a short panel of Bosses to dish on their struggles and successes, as well as some activities encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and meet someone new.

Ms Boss Event Feb 28


Thank you for supporting the Ms. Boss movement to connect female entrepreneurs! We've had such an incredible response that this event is now sold out. Join the Ms. Boss Mailing list to get updates on upcoming events.


Ms. Boss Networking Event: February 28, 2018

Proudly sponsored by OSI Outsource It Consulting Inc. and Spa Sanctuary.

Ms Boss Event Feb 28

Ms. Boss Networking Event: April 18, 2018

Proudly sponsored by OSI Outsource It Consulting Inc., Party Mood, Duncan Marketing Workshop, Cobble Hill Country Grocer and Wild Thyme Valley Catering

A special thank you to Kristin Wenberg of Forever Photography for photographing this event.

Ms Boss Apr 18